Plan With Me – New Gel Pens

Hey everyone!  I am back with a short post today about some new pens I recently received!  I have 3 planners to keep me on track…well somewhat on track!  One is for family and a little bit of everything, one for my photography business and one for Clique Kits.  I am a busy girl!  I have 5 kids, 2 dogs and a busy husband so having planners, post it notes and something to write it all down with is a must!  The sports schedules are enough to drive you crazy!  I have 3 kids playing on 3 different fields and practicing at 3 different times 4 days a week!  YIKES!  I need lots of colorful pens to not only help color code things but also to make my planner colorful and make it somewhat enjoyable to want to write in my  planner!  Jotting it all down is not something I have always been able to do and remember to do but I have been keeping up and love it!  I recently picked the Ohuhu 60 Color Gel Pen Set and I love it!  So many colors to pick from and I love they way they write!

If you have been looking at getting some nice but affordable gel pens these are the ones to check out!  I am pleased with the 17.99 price and since we are Prime members they shipped for free!

13055400_500750763443097_3512128019443002349_nThey do come in a case to store them in but I will more than likely put them all in a cute jar or cup and store them on my desk!  I want to see those pretty pens out in the open on the daily!  If you have any questions about these pens please feel free to leave the questions below or email me  Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Enjoy your day!

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