Ladybug Hug

Today has been so cold and rainy here in Illinois and I am so ready for Spring!  I do not know how much longer I can take of this weather!  The good thing about rainy days is I get a lot of cleaning done and time at my desk!  I received my club member stamp set from The Stamps of Life the other day and I am so very happy with the quality of these stamps!  This is my first stamp set from them and I am very impressed!  Of coarse I could not wait to use this stamp set so I wanted to share one of the cards I made with you today.  The stamp set is called ladybugs2love and it is super cute.  Here is one of the cards I made

I am loving this ladybug stamp and love how great it looks!  For a clear stamp I think it turned out fabulous especially with all that black!  If you would like to see the full stamp set please visit The Stamps of Life HERE.  I love that the polka dots are a separate stamp and it comes with 3 other fill in stamps!  My sentiment did not come out as clear as I would have liked but my embossing powder has not been my best friend lately!  But I kept it anyway because after all it is a hand made card so perfection is not what I am going for.  I hope you enjoyed my sweet ladybug card and thanks so much for stopping by today!

10 thoughts on “Ladybug Hug

  1. Adorable card! Love the pps and the sentiment! I love Stephanie's stamps! I don't have any but they are so cute! I love how she builds upon them from set to set…being able to use so many stamps together!


  2. Thanks Jennifer! The stamps really stamped out so crisp! For being a clear stamp I was very impressed! I also love that she builds upon her stamp sets! There is another lady bug one she released that I would also like to get:)


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