Distress ink

Hello crafty friends!  I hope you are all having a great Friday and are ready for the weekend!  Today I would like to share a little tutorial on how to get a watercolor background using Tim Holtz Distress inks, a non-stick craft sheet, a mini mister and some watercolor paper

Take your inks and wipe them across your non stick craft sheet one at a time trying you best not to mix the colors.

 Now you will want to take your mini mister filled with water and spray your craft sheet until the ink starts to bead up. 

Once you have something that looks similar to the picture above you can take your water color paper and place it down on the ink and lightly press down on the back of the paper.  Now you will have a lot of ink left over so make sure you have some extra paper or tags so you can use that ink up and not let it go to waste.  You can always use these extra pieces to die cut, punch or use as layering pieces on your layouts.

Once you have patted the paper down into the ink, slowly lift it up and turn it over.  Pretty cool effect dont you think.  I went ahead and placed it back down and picked up a little more of the green ink to try and blend it a little more.  You will notice the paper curled up and that’s no big deal at all!  A little shot with your heat tool will flatten it back out and if you do not have a heat tool just let it air dry!

And here is my final piece!  What do you think?  I will cut it down and have two backgrounds for cards!  I love playing around with my distress inks and since they are reactive with water you can achieve so many different looks. 

Now what to do with all this left over ink…Grab those scraps or tags and soak it up!

I am going to use these scraps to die cut some hearts and add to a layout I am working on and I will share that with you all later.
So for now here is the card I created using my water color background!  Thanks so much for stopping today and please let me know what you think!

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